About Us


Founded as a humble website development company. We have come a long way and helped many different companies over the years. We would love to use our skills to help your company too.

Who Are We

A group of tech-loving software engineers that love to create success for small businesses.

Our Mission

Build more efficient companies through the use of technology.

What We Do

Develop mobile apps, websites, and desktop apps to streamline the day to day at your company.

Our history

Ksertronics was founded in 2009 from a small apartment in College Station, TX. Initially a mobile game and website development company, it has since flourished into something even greater. Through working with various clients, we discovered we have knack for understanding inefficiencies in companies and producing software that solves these problems. We now devote all our time to increasing our clients’ productivity through the use of our specially developed software.

Our 6-D process



We sit down with you to better understand your processes and understand your business in order to find those areas of improvement with some technology.



We lay out our plans and suggestions for your business. This is where we go over our timeline and detail the technologies that we will build for your project.



This is where we provide visuals and put a face to all the plans. Wireframes and mockups are provided at this stage so you can start to see the great tech and how it will be used.



This is where Ksertronics hunkers down builds your software. You can sit back and relax while we develop the first version for your feedback.



Now that we have a solid prototype developed for you, we deploy it for testing. This is where we get your feedback and make any necessary changes.



This is the exciting part of the process! We deliver your fully tested and ready project for you to use. 

Why choose us?

All our projects are built with results in mind. We want to maximize the work done in your business so we work every project with that in mind.

We have years of experience in developing effective software. With many happy clients in our history, we would love to add you to that list.

All our projects are focused on creating long term return. Put in the time with us to build some software now so you can reap the benefits in the long run.

We pride ourselves in the design we use. We strive to build user friendly software that everyone can use.

We’re always there for you, even after we deliver the project. We value working with our clients and pursue long lasting relationships with all of them.

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Would you like to start a project with us?

We would love to help make your life easier with an application or website designed specifically for you. Reach out to us for a free consultation.